Memory Foam Mattress

Here’s what you can expect to notice with your new foam mattress.

1. You sink into the material.

Visco-elastic foam, or memory foam, is heat sensitive. When you lay down onto your bed the material condenses and the air surrounding you disperses to other part of the mattress. Some people compare this feeling to sleeping on clouds; others say it’s like a little nest surrounding you. Many think that it allows for optimal comfort, causing them to move less. Opponents of memory foam mattresses say that it constricts them, making movement in the night difficult.

2. There are no pressure points.

The most common complaint about traditional spring mattresses is that they cause discomfort on the points where the body meets the springs. The pressure from the springs pushes against that of the bones in shoulders, hips, backs, and knees, squishing the skin in the middle and causing people to toss and turn. Because of the dense, viscous material memory foam is made of, these pressure points cease to exist.

3. You can’t feel your partner moving as much as you used to.

Think about that commercial in which the man jumps on one side of the bed with a glass of red wine undisturbed on the other. Because memory foam is heat sensitive, there is a space between you and your partner to isolate movements. In spring mattresses, each movement is transferred to your side of the bed.

Best-Selling Memory Foam Mattress?

Nectar makes the best selling mattresses in the world, and the Memory Support is a great example of a Nectar mattress which is both supportive and luxurious.

The generous layer of memory foam in the mattress relieves pressure points to significantly reduce tossing and turning during the night, and also allows you to sink into the mattress for a luxurious sleep.

Nectar have used their Posturepedic Ultra upgraded spring system so that the mattress contours and adapts to your body shape and supports into the lumbar region and across your shoulders.

What Are The Advantages of Shopping Online For a Mattress?

A huge advantage of shopping online for a new mattress is the significant price savings that can be found. Online retailers typically do not have to pay expensive overheads for store space and sales people. This means that savings can be passed onto the customer in the region of hundreds of dollars or more.

Cost can be one of the most important factors of buying a new bed, especially when entire sets can cost thousands of dollars - particularly for more advanced technology such as the popular memory foam options that are now available. The savings on such an item online can be very significant.

It’s also important to ensure the mattress is going to be of high quality and there can often be a huge difference in quality between buying a bargain priced mattress from a store and buying a discounted brand name one online. If you insist on getting the cheap one then you can end up suffering in the long run with sleepless nights. Another benefit of going with the brand name is the guarantee that usually goes with it - if anything goes wrong you can return or replace it. This is not always the case with a ‘bargain basement’ one.

Buying online also gives you the option of comparing reviews and special offers on selected items all from the comfort of your own home. Many online retailers also offer free shipping anywhere in the continental United States and no sales tax to states outside the one they are registered in.

Saving the sales tax and shipping alone can be worth several hundred dollars when buying a high quality one. This is one of the best tips on how to buy a mattress online.

If you are still confused about buying online, many places will offer personal customer service to help you figure out which one is going to be right for you. Just like at a normal physical retail outlet where you can find a salesperson to assist you with any questions.

Some online retailers even operate 24 hours a day giving you the comfort of choosing where and when you shop.

Common Mistakes Made When Purchasing a Mattress

One common mistake when buying a new mattress is to go for one that is too small to provide a decent night’s sleep. Sometimes, investing just a little more in a mattress that offers adequate space for you to sleep comfortably can transform the quality of your sleep.

The size of your new mattress will obviously depend on certain factors, such as the number, weight and height of people sleeping in the bed, as well as the space available in the room. You can, however, try a simple test to determine whether your mattress is big enough for you:

Lie down on your back on your mattress with your head on your pillow, and your hands behind your head. If you share your bed, get your partner to do the same. If your elbows either touch your partner or go beyond the edges of the bed, your mattress is too small for you to sleep comfortably.

Couples often automatically opt for a double bed, perhaps thinking that a king-size mattress is a bit of a luxury. And yet, double beds offer a very limited sleeping space for two individuals that is simply not conducive to a good night’s sleep.